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As one of the leading stump grinding companies in the Fairfield County region, our team has long been the number one choice for those looking to get rid of those old stumps. Our team has perfected our method, ensuring that our clients can enjoy their property without the risk of damage or issues down the line.

Why remove stumps?

Looking at a stump, you might not think it is a big deal. However, the stump is really the tip of the iceberg, and the vast majority of the issues that can come with a rotting and decaying stump lie deep in the ground. As your stump ages, it can lead to infection from fungi or pests. This infection can the spread into your grass and flower beds leading to costly repairs and sometimes even removal. Plus, they even create a tripping hazard and make landscaping a complete headache.

Our process

As a professional tree service company, we provide our costumers with stump removal services. Our team generally uses the grinding method, which removes any remnants ensuring that you are left with a level surface so that you can grow grass or even replant.

Stump removal services

We offer full-service stump removal that will leave your lawn looking amazing.

With our service, we will:

  • Grind the stump
  • Grind major surface roots
  • We can remove the stump grinding mulch to the ground level, or leave the mulch in a neat pile so you can use in your own landscaping

We are fully insured and can provide a detailed quote for free. So, no matter if you have a single old stump you need to be removed, or an entire forest of stumps, we at T&D Tree Service team have you covered for all your stump removal needs.


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