Tree Trimming




Whether your tree has become overgrown, or you want to improve the aesthetics of your landscape, tree trimming is necessary. There are several methods we use to improve the health and appearance of your tree.

Some reasons for trimming trees include distributing the weight and balance of the tree, removing dead wood, raising the canopy of a tree, and ensuring proper wind flow and sun throughout the tree. What this means is that every part of the tree should receive about the same amount of sunlight so the tree grows out fully rather than appearing stunted in one area or another.

Trees may be trained and shaped, especially when they’re young, to fill out and provide a more picturesque aesthetic or produce more abundant fruit.

Finally, sometimes a tree must be trimmed in order to keep it from doing damage to nearby property. Fairfield County is known for fierce storms, and tree trimming can help lower the chances that a storm will cause parts of the tree to fall.

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Landscape Enhancement

Whether you are looking to clean up a overgrown backyard or simply trying to trim the approaching trees, our expert tree trimmers are here for you. With our experience in arboriculture you can rest assure that we can help transform your property with the look that you’ve been looking for.

More Sunlight / Tree Vitality

No matter if you are looking to grow out grass or simply want to brighten up your backyard, tree trimming can provide you with more natural sunlight, while also allowing the canopy of your trees to breathe so that air can flow through the canopy of your trees, helping them when we get strong winds thus lowering the risk of your trees being damaged by storms.

Tree Shaping / Safety Pruning

Whether to prevent damage from risky branches or for the simple appreciation of the beauty that T&D Tree Service will bring out of your trees, thanks to our devoted 15 years of experience in pruning all types of trees. You can trust us to leave your property in much better shape than when we arrive.

Our Tree Trimming Services

We are proud to offer a wide variety of services for our tree trimming services. They include:

  • Tree Pruning / Cabling
  • Crown reduction
  • Ornamental Tree Care
  • Shaping


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So, whether you are looking to trim down a wild backyard, want to shape your trees, or anything else, the team at T&D Tree Service have you covered. We provide a professional service, take safety seriously, and are fully insured.

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